Eco-responsible stay

in `Burgundy

Our commitment to responsible and nature-friendly tourism

Sensitive to current climate change , aware that every gesture is important and that efforts must be made by everyone, we have been trying for a few years now to minimize our impact on nature !

We have implemented simple actions and gestures in favor of respect for the environment :

Preserving water resources :
All our toilets are equipped with an economical flushing mechanism and all of our washbasin and shower taps are equipped with aerators to considerably reduce the flow without impacting the comfort of use.
In the garden, we protect our plantations with a mulch of wood shavings or flax straw to reduce the frequency of watering. In addition, the irrigation of the flower beds by a drip and micro-sprinkler system limits the volume of water used.
We also have the chance to benefit from a well of a good capacity, thus avoiding us the use of the water of the network.
In order to preserve the quality of the water, we use a maximum of organic cleaning products.

Energy savings :
We replaced nearly 90% of our light bulbs with LED lights and installed a heat pump as well as energy-efficient household appliances to reduce our electricity consumption.

Waste reduction and recovery :
Among the simplest eco-gestures, recycling and sorting waste is not the least important with of course composting green waste, raising awareness of selective sorting but also by favoring the recycling of objects by giving them a second life.

Favor short circuits and local products :
We are sensitive to seasonal and "homemade" products, in particular by producing nearly 40 varieties of different jams that we will be happy to introduce you to during your stay!

In 2022, we signed the "Puisaye Accommodation Charter for Sustainable and Responsible Tourism" set up by the Puisaye-Forterre Tourist Office and obtained the 2nd of the 3 levels of eligibility by having answered at least 90% mandatory criteria and 50% of the "Plus" criteria !

This validates our actions and commits us even more!

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Talk about your hotel

Use this text to share information about your hotel with your guests. Describe your rooms, share special offers, or share your latest news.

Slow tourisme

Beyond these actions and eco-gestures, we are convinced that tourism that is more respectful of nature also means more responsible tourism , tourism where you take your time, the time to discover a destination without running from one end to the other from the department.

How ?

By inviting our customers to enjoy the calm and nature by allowing them to find themselves in a green and relaxing setting, far from industrial, visual and noise pollution!
With the madness of our modern way of life, stress has become a veritable epidemic: sleep disorders, back pain, anxiety, depression... It is important to be able to take time to change your mind, have a bowl of fresh air to find the essentials and get off to a good start!
Reconnecting with nature, enjoying its calm, simply listening and feeling are important elements in order to get out of daily stress and relax.

By encouraging local tourism, highlighting the attractions of our destination and offering to discover a wealth of heritage and landscapes within 20 km around Chevannes.

By inviting people to discover local products and know-how!

The surroundings are full of producers allowing travelers to stock up with quality products from an ultra-short supply chain:

◦ "Les Fromentines" pasta produced in the town,
◦ the goat farms of Pourrain or Vincelles and their cheese production,
◦ the Ferme du Relais in Vincelles and their dairy products: fresh cream, yoghurts, white cheeses, tommes...
◦ the market gardeners of Charbuy, Lindry, the Jardin de la Borde and even in Auxerre with the Lutins Maraîchers,
◦ fruits from Gy l'Evêque or Jussy: cherries, Mirabelle plums, peaches, nectarines, apples, but also raspberries, currants, blackcurrants and blackberries,
◦ the Honey Fly in Avigeau,
◦ poultry from the Chocats farm in Merry-Sec,
◦ but also all possible harvests of fruits and wild edible plants: elderberries, blackberries, chestnuts, dandelions, mushrooms...
◦ the possibility of having farmer baskets delivered from local producers in Puisaye or of ordering LeBonPicnic baskets.

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By offering a personalized welcome and stays:

With more than 25 years of experience in welcoming travelers from all walks of life at the Château de Ribourdin Bed and Breakfast, we are committed to sharing our love for the region, its heritage, its landscapes and its gastronomy by revealing our favorites!
Our customers often tell us, through the opinions published on the internet, that they have appreciated the personalized advice, the pretty itineraries or the discovery of the little treasures of our region, often forgotten by guides or lacking in visibility with tourists.