The project

In 1995 the Château de Ribourdin, cereal farm for many years, became "Bed and Breakfast".
A long-term endeavour : the transformation of the huge barn in guest rooms.
A Challenge to rise : start from a building, empty from the ground to the frame, and create a floor and openings while respecting the history of places and ensuring their authenticity.
A Goal : to complete the work in one year and open the Bed & Breakfast of the Château de Ribourdin in May 1995.

The structural work

The works largely carried out by us, parents and children, had been spread over a year.
Starting with the main structure :
- drilling windows, cutting and laying of stones
- reopening walled porches and repairs of stones forming the arches
- laying of beams and old joists
- screed

The second work

Then we realized :- the laying of partitions

the laying of tiles, earthenware and other protective coating
the walls coating with rendering made with ocher of Puisaye
the installation of windows, doors and bay windows
the laying of the staircase oak

The finishing touches

What an adventure ! And that was just the beginning...
For a year, we have prepared the decor of each room by bargaining-hunt junk shop and jumble sales in order to find furniture that, thereafter, we restored.
We also realized the curtains and bedspreads with the invaluable help of family's dressed-makers!